These images are examples of my botanical art. I enjoy using watercolor, oil, or graphite to produce my paintings. When working with watercolor, I prefer to use stretched, 90 lb. Arches hot press paper. I begin with a few washes and then build up color with dry brush techniques. See my demonstration page for an example.

I also enjoy working in graphite on paper but especially on Clayboard®. Clayboard can be a little tricky to work with, but the ability to scratch in details is worth it. I tend to use pencils from HB to 6B.

I've been experimenting with oil paint for a few years off and on. I've worked on paper and gessoed masonite. It is a medium that I will continue to explore because I love the realism that I can achieve.

I think watercolor will always be my medium of choice because it has such a light feel to the finished painting, and the transluscence is simply wonderful.

Wm. Keith Harrison is an artist
specializing in botanical art and scientific illustration.

Wm. Keith Harrison
Botanical Artist

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